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Britain's economy: Enjoy the calm before the storm

Simon Tilford
26 January 2017
Britain's economy has not weathered the Brexit storm. But the calm before the storm has lasted longer than many economists expected.
What free movement means to Europe and why it matters to Britain

What free movement means to Europe and why it matters to Britain

Camino Mortera-Martinez, Christian Odendahl
19 January 2017
Britain and the EU-27 view migration very differently. That could complicate the Brexit and free trade negotiations.

What does Theresa May's speech tell us about how Britain will leave the EU?

17 January 2017
Theresa May has decided on a hard Brexit, putting sovereignty ahead of economics. She thinks the negotiations will take only two years, but they will take longer.

Customs union membership is no way out of the Brexit trap

16 December 2016
Remaining in the customs union seems to be the least damaging way for Britain to ‘take back control’, but it is fraught with difficulties.

Brexit and the economics of populism

Simon Tilford, John Springford
12 December 2016
Inequality, insecurity and a nativist backlash against immigration all help to explain the rise of populism. But globalisation does not prevent governments from addressing these problems.

Autumn Statement 2016: How will Brexit affect the budget?

23 November 2016
‘Brexit’ will be added to the Collins dictionary this year, and one Twitter wag suggested that the dictionary should tweak Theresa May by making the following entry: ‘Brexit (n): Brexit’.

A wake-up call for liberal Brexiters

Simon Tilford
22 November 2016
Trump's win has further weakened the liberal case for Brexit. Forging the closest EU ties possible is now even more essential for Britain.

Brussels prepares for a hard Brexit

21 November 2016
The EU institutions predict a painful divorce for the UK, because they see hard-line eurosceptics pushing Theresa May away from a soft Brexit.

Trump and Europe: The sun sets on the West

09 November 2016
Donald Trump's election will strain the transatlantic partnership. Populism in Europe and the US will threaten post-Cold War security and prosperity. Europe will need to work with Trump and to hedge against risks.
Not so special: why the US won't help Britain in the Brexit talks

Not so special: Why the US won't help Britain in the Brexit talks

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, Rem Korteweg
25 October 2016
The US is watching two of its best friends get a divorce. It is not in its interest to take sides.
Sterling slump won't rescue the British economy

Sterling slump won't rescue the British economy

John Springford, Simon Tilford
21 October 2016
The 2008 devaluation did not prompt strong growth in British exports. The post-referendum fall in the pound is unlikely to do so either.

Brexit will make Britain's mediocre economic record worse

Simon Tilford
19 September 2016
Britain is already an average economic performer by Western European standards. Brexit will further sap its economic dynamism and aggravate startling regional disparities

Theresa May and her six-pack of difficult deals

28 July 2016
Theresa May’s ministers need to negotiate not just one Brexit deal, but six. They must charm not only EU governments, but also every WTO member.
Why young people are right to fear Brexit

Why young people are right to fear Brexit

Christian Odendahl, John Springford
17 June 2016
Even Brexiters admit that there will be short-term economic costs to leaving the EU. Young people would disproportionately bear the brunt, and the effects would be long-lasting.
Storm in a Turkish tea cup

Storm in a Turkish tea cup

Rem Korteweg
16 June 2016
Despite what Brexiters say, Turkey will not join the European Union anytime soon.

Can Britain join Norway in the EEA?

09 June 2016
Pro-EU MPs might try to force the UK to accept membership of the EEA – the ‘Norway option’ – if Britain votes to leave the EU. Charles Grant and John Springford debate whether this is likely.
Five Brexit economic myths

Five Brexit economic myths

Simon Tilford
26 May 2016
Key Brexiter arguments – EU regulation and immigration are costly; the EU damages UK trade and investment; Brexit would bring fiscal gains – have no basis in reality.
TTIP is no reason to leave the EU

TTIP is no reason to leave the EU

Rem Korteweg
17 May 2016
Opposition to TTIP has become a rallying cry for Brexiters. They are relying on myths about trade agreements, TTIP and the NHS.

How to save the ideas behind TTIP

Christian Odendahl
11 May 2016
European politicians face an increasingly hostile debate on TTIP. They need to show how TTIP avoids past trade policy failures and improves European regulation.