Single market, competition & trade

The CMA's hardball approach to the Microsoft deal paid off - but EU gamers will be left out

24 August 2023
City AM
A deal with the UK competition watchdog could mean British gamers have more choice than their European counterparts.

CER podcast: The politics of China-US-EU trade: Pulling up the drawbridge?

29 June 2023
In this week's episode of the CER podcast Sander Tordoir, John Springford and Brad Setser discuss green tech industrial policy and ‘de-risking’ trade with China.

Letter: UK watchdog's tough stance on Big Tech should reassure MPs

12 June 2023
Financial Times
David Parker (Opinion, May 30) argues that if the UK Competition and Markets Authority stops big tech firms buying start-ups, entrepreneurs will avoid the UK.

ITV News: Sunak announces 'Atlantic Declaration' to boost UK-US ties after Biden talks

08 June 2023
John Springford from the CER says the declaration may lift UK economic growth a little but won’t have the economic heft of a comprehensive free-trade agreement

The UK’s Microsoft/Activision decision shows the EU how to regulate big tech

02 June 2023
When Microsoft announced its plan to acquire games giant Activision for $69 billion, few commentators thought the deal would get an easy ride from competition authorities.

The EU cannot leave it to the US and China to slug it out

01 June 2023
The Parliament Magazine
Europe is playing a dangerous game allowing China and the US to escalate their conflict, leading to serious ramifications for the EU's economy.

Ask CER - Episode 9: Turkish elections, industrial policy and Ukraine joining NATO

24 May 2023
You asked, we answered: the ninth episode of our 'Ask CER' podcast series.

La compétitivité ne s’obtient pas en déversant des montagnes de cash

16 February 2023
Lors du dernier Conseil européen, les 27 ont peiné à s’entendre sur le plan industriel proposé par Bruxelles. 

Ask CER - Episode 8: Inflation Reduction Act, Qatargate and Iran

09 February 2023
You asked, we answered: the eighth episode of our 'Ask CER' podcast series.

CGTN Europe: The impacts of US Inflation Reduction Act on Europe

06 February 2023
Zach Meyers, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform joins CGTN Europe to discuss EU-US trade talks.

Atlantic Debrief: What's in store for transatlantic industrial policy? | A Debrief from Zach Meyers

01 February 2023
On this episode of #AtlanticDebrief, Jörn Fleck sits down with Centre for European Reform Senior Research Fellow Zach Meyers to discuss the latest developments in the transatlantic industrial policy debate.

Europe needs to dial down its anxiety over the Inflation Reduction Act

31 January 2023
There’s a whiff of hypocrisy about the EU’s response to America’s electric vehicle subsidies — a matter of do what I say rather than do what I do.

CER podcast: Brexit and the labour market

John Springford, Jonathan Portes
25 January 2023
In this week’s episode of the CER podcast Jonathan Portes and John Springford discuss their recent post-Brexit labour market analysis.

Can UK science and technology recover from Brexit?

09 January 2023
When Boris Johnson agreed the Brexit divorce package with the EU, he promised it would unleash innovation, turning Britain into an agile “science superpower”. But rather than boost UK science and technology, Brexit has – so far – damaged it.

CER podcast: The implications of Russia's war against Ukraine

15 December 2022
In this year’s final episode of the CER podcast, our researchers unpack the most significant event of the past year, Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Brexit is hurting UK innovation

28 November 2022
Times Higher Education
German-style political stability and long-term science funding could help mitigate the damage, say Zach Meyers and John Springford.

En defensa del endeudamiento por la acción climática

04 November 2022
ES Global
Los tipos de interés están subiendo a nivel mundial, pero, aun así, los gobiernos europeos deberían endeudarse por sumas importantes para financiar proyectos “verdes”. En algunos casos, la UE debería ayudar.

Sunak must bet big on our semiconductor industry – or we’ll lose out to competition

02 November 2022
City A.M
Rishi Sunak’s in-tray is overflowing with crises: from the cost of living to supporting Ukraine, from settling the UK’s long-running dispute with the EU about Northern Ireland to  the fate of his controversial home secretary.
CER podcast: Finding a solution to the Northern Ireland Protocol

CER podcast: Finding a solution to the Northern Ireland Protocol

Charles Grant, Hilary Benn
21 September 2022
Hilary Benn MP and Charles Grant discussed the standoff between the UK and the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol.