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CER podcast: CER researchers review the year 2017

20 December 2017
Charles Grant, Simon Tilford and Ian Bond review the political themes and events that shaped 2017, and take a look at some of the predictions they made last year.

Brexit Britain faces a reality check on trade

Charles Grant, Beth Oppenheim
19 December 2017
Britain and the European Union are finally set to begin what promises to be the toughest stage of the Brexit process: negotiating a new relationship and a transition phase to bed down the changes.

Germany's biggest Brexit boon: Immigrants

Christian Odendahl
11 December 2017
The UK’s inward turn could fix Germany’s skilled labor shortage.
CER podcast: Will there be reforms for the eurozone?

CER podcast: Will there be reforms for the eurozone?

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, Sophia Besch
08 December 2017
Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska and Sophia Besch review the Commission's new proposals for eurozone reform, and look at what EU leaders should discuss at the euro summit next week in Brussels.

CER podcast series: How to save the EU

Sophia Besch, Christian Odendahl, Anand Menon, Yascha Mounk, Heather Grabbe, Constanze Stelzenmüller, Catherine Mann, Barry Eichengreen
22 November 2017
In November, the CER took more than 50 of Europe's top economists and political commentators to a conference on 'How to save the EU'.

Barnier says EU will not compromise standards in future UK trade deal

20 November 2017
The Guardian
Chief Brexit negotiator tells a CER conference today any move to abandon European laws and regulations will complicate agreement.

CER podcasts: Relaunching the EU

Sophia Besch, Charles Grant, Christian Odendahl, Luigi Scazzieri, John Springford
08 November 2017
The CER has launched a major new report ‘Relaunching the EU’. In this podcast mini-series, CER researchers explain some of the reports main recommendations.

Debate: Will the euro survive as a currency long term?

Christian Odendahl, Malcolm Sawyer
23 October 2017
City A.M.
Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform, says YES.

The Eurozone will survive after Brexit – even if the UK crashes out of the EU

29 September 2017
The Independent
It is hard to see a ‘no deal’ scenario derailing the Eurozone recovery – the currency union is simply not dependent enough on the UK for that to happen.

Brexiters are being naive over US trade. Bombardier is a taste of things to come

27 September 2017
The Guardian
Outside the EU's protective umbrella, Brexit Britain would be at the mercy of strong-arm US trade tactics.

Germany after the Hartz reforms

Christian Odendahl
11 September 2017
Foreign Affairs
The odds were always stacked against Martin Schulz, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) challenger to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the forthcoming election.

France Culture: Flexisécurité, Loi Hartz, Jobs Act : l’Europe à la recherche d’un modèle

Christian Odendahl
04 September 2017
Christian Odendahl speaks to radio France Culture about the German Hartz reforms (in French, from 40.00 mins).
Germany's labour reforms may not deserve their fame

Germany's labour reforms may not deserve their fame

13 July 2017
Germany's start-of-the-century labour reforms are getting a lot of attention these days, both as the cure-all for the country's previous economic woes and as the culprit behind inequality.

The myth of the German jobs miracle

11 July 2017
Financial Times
Christian Odendahl is one of the finest analysts of the German economy writing in English. So it’s worth your time to closely read his review of the country’s labour market reforms of the early 2000s, sometimes called “Agenda 2010” or the “Hartz Reforms”.

CER podcast: UK election primer

07 June 2017
On the day before the UK general election, Charles Grant and Simon Tilford discuss current polls, the effect of recent attacks on voting, which issues were not sufficiently discussed in the campaigns and what would be the best possible election result for Europe.

Why 'Brexit' will make Britain's mediocre economy worse

29 May 2017
The New York Times
An observer of Britain's 'Brexit' debate would be forgiven for thinking that the country's economy is one of the European Union's star performers.

CER podcast: What UK-EU trade deal after Brexit?

John Springford, Sophia Besch
25 April 2017
John Springford talks to Sophia Besch about about the best possible trade deal between the UK and the EU after Brexit. Based on new empirical research into the costs of trade barriers he argues for a ‘Swiss style’ Brexit.

A quick trade deal with the US after Brexit is less likely than we think

Rem Korteweg
22 February 2017
The Spectator
It is many a Brexiteer’s fantasy: In 2019, shortly after the UK formally leaves the EU, Theresa May welcomes Donald Trump to Downing Street to ink a trade pact.
CER podcast: 5 questions on Trade, Trump and TTIP

CER podcast: 5 questions on Trade, Trump and TTIP

Sophia Besch, Rem Korteweg
16 January 2017
Rem Korteweg explains what trade policy under Trump will look like, if and how European governments can save TTIP, and what to make of a US-UK trade deal.