Single market, competition & trade

State of the Union: From Putin's war to a trade war?

26 September 2023
If she wants the EU to be greener, fairer, and more resilient, Ursula von der Leyen, or whoever comes next, should stay away from trade spats and support a more ambitious industrial policy instead.
How Europe can make the most of AI

How Europe can make the most of AI

14 September 2023
AI may raise productivity – potentially substantially. European policy-makers should do more to ensure businesses use it, by regulating to clarify liability and ensuring vigorous competition between AI companies.
On digital competition, Britain could learn from its regulatory mistakes

On digital competition, Britain could learn from its regulatory mistakes

20 July 2023
The traditional British model of economic regulation has not always supported investment and innovation. The UK’s digital competition bill could learn from these mistakes.

Europe can withstand American and Chinese subsidies for green tech

12 June 2023
European policy-makers are fretting about subsidised green tech imports from the US and China. But shipping costs are increasingly discouraging imports of these goods from faraway countries.

Why the EU can be tougher on China

30 May 2023
EU policy-makers have dithered over their approach to China and Taiwan. They must persuade Beijing that the economic consequences of an invasion would hurt China, but be bearable for the EU.  

The UK's competition authority is ready to regulate big tech

26 May 2023
The UK competition authority has decided Microsoft cannot acquire games company Activision. This should reassure politicians that the authority wants dynamic and competitive markets.

Where is Britain's growth plan?

03 April 2023
The government will have to confront vested interests and raise investment to boost growth. A strategy founded on trade deals with far-off countries and deregulation won’t work.

Can the EU afford to drive out American cloud services?

02 March 2023
Some EU countries want to stifle foreign cloud computing services. These countries’ concerns are not irrational. But disadvantaging America’s cloud giants will do Europe more harm than good.

Ditchley conference report: Macroeconomics in a time of pandemic and war

24 February 2023
In November, the CER held its annual economics conference on the macroeconomic consequences of the pandemic and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

A year of war in Europe: The balance sheet

22 February 2023
Since Russia attacked Ukraine, the CER has tracked the war’s effect on the protagonists, the EU, NATO and other powers. What conclusions can be drawn from the past year?

The impact of the war in Ukraine: Annual report 2022

10 February 2023
The CER's annual report starts with an essay on how the war in Ukraine is changing Europe. The report then highlights some of the CER's most important publications and events from 2022.

Turning down the heat on transatlantic tech

31 January 2023
The EU and US are adopting different approaches to trade and investment in technology with China. But their mutual mistrust is unwarranted.

Early impacts of the post-Brexit immigration system on the UK labour market

John Springford, Jonathan Portes
17 January 2023
The end of the free movement has led to a shortfall of around 330,000 workers in Britain. Most are in less-skilled sectors of the economy. 

The UK needs a chips strategy

01 December 2022
London wants chip-makers in Britain to support innovation. But using national security laws to engineer that outcome is counterproductive. Instead, the UK needs a more sober post-Brexit tech policy. 

UK science and technology after Brexit: How to fix it

28 November 2022
Brexit has hurt British science and slowed the deployment of new technology across its economy. Rejoining the single market may be politically unrealistic, but Britain can still limit the damage.

The EU should abandon chip nationalism

20 October 2022
With the US aggressively throttling China’s chip capabilities, the EU wants to protect itself by subsidising its own domestic chip manufacturing industry. But Europe has better and more realistic alternatives.

In defence of borrowing for climate action

13 October 2022
Even though interest rates are rising globally, European governments should still borrow large sums to finance green projects. In some cases, the EU should help.

Trussonomics has failed at the first hurdle

29 September 2022
Are the UK’s institutions strong enough to stop the government’s wrong-headed fiscal policy?