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Predictable unpredictability: The future of euro-atlantic security?

27 September 2018
Riga Dialogue
A participant in this year’s Riga Dialogue began his presentation by saying that Russia was now more predictable than the US or the EU. It was designed to be provocative, but it was an accurate reflection of reality.
Unpredictability has become an important risk factor in the Euro-Atlantic area. Two of...

Brexit and defence negotiations

Sophia Besch
10 September 2018
Atlantic Community
In the enthusiasm about the EU’s numerous new defence initiatives in Germany, a discussion of the consequences of Britain’s withdrawal from the union is often curiously absent.

The Spectator podcast: China's new diplomacy

02 August 2018
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, spoke to The Spectator Podcast about the 'WTO option' and the likelihood of a no deal (from 16:45mins). 
“I think the chances of no deal are higher than they were. I still think it is more likely than not that there will be...

Judy Asks: Is Trump wrong about NATO?

Sophia Besch
11 July 2018
Carnegie Europe
A selection of experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

CER event podcast: CER/KAS Conference on 'Plugging in the British: Completing the circuit'

Sophia Besch, Ian Bond, Charles Grant, Camino Mortera-Martinez, Yvette Cooper MP, Claude Moraes MEP, Peter Storr, Rosa Balfour, Simon Fraser, Paul Johnston, Nick Westcott, Felix Dane, Paul Everitt, Kori Schake, Julie Smith
11 July 2018
Three panels of experts gathered at the CER/KAS conference, ‘Plugging in the British: Completing the Circuit’ at the Royal United Services Institute.

BBC World Service: Trump: NATO Allies 'delinquent'

Sophia Besch
11 July 2018
Sophia Besch a research fellow a the Centre for European Reform spoke to the BBC World Service about how US relations with its NATO allies are “at an absolute low point. The European allies seem traumatised and shocked. …I personally think there is very little that they can do to convince Trump of the NATO value but we will see how they get on over the next 48 hours.” (from 37:53 mins).

Voice of America: NATO summit overshadowed by defence spending spat

Sophia Besch
11 July 2018
Singling out Germany isn't necessarily fair, said defence analyst Sophia Besch of the Centre for European Reform.

BBC Newsnight: NATO summit

Sophia Besch
11 July 2018
Sophia Besch, a research fellow at the CER spoke to Newsnight (from 31:57 mins) from the NATO summit.

Deutsche Welle: NATO desperate to avoid rerun of disastrous G7 summit

Sophia Besch
10 July 2018
Sophia Besch, a research fellow with the Centre for European Reform (CER), spoke to Deursche Welle about the possibility that a Trump-Merkel clash could derail the summit. "[Trump] is framing the 2 per cent as the golden ticket for any European leaders to get into his good graces, and that's why everyone is so worried. (From -3: 18 mins)

CER Bulletin podcast: Transatlantic relationship; Brexit and financial services; UK-EU defence negotiations

Sophia Besch, Ian Bond, Sam Lowe
14 June 2018
CER researchers brief podcast listeners on three of the most important topics for Europe this month. 

CER podcast: NATO and the transatlantic defence relationship

Sophia Besch
23 May 2018
Recorded at the Daimler US-European Forum: Sophia Besch talks to Constanze Stelzenmüller and Camille Grand about changes in the relationship between the US and its European NATO allies.

For the first time Europeans are seriously debating EU defence spending

Sophia Besch
10 May 2018
Smart Thinking
Britain leaving costs the EU money. Currently, there is no defence line in the EU budget, overall EU defence spending is the sum of all member-state spending.

As a former diplomat to the US, I know how Britain needs to respond to Trump after his Iran deal decision with realism

10 May 2018
The Independent
European leaders have to deal with the president they have, not the one they wish they had.

CER podcast: Defence co-operation after Brexit: A positive sum game?

Sophia Besch, Beth Oppenheim
26 April 2018
Beth Oppenheim talks to Sophia Besch about the difficulties the UK and the EU face as they try to negotiate the conditions for European military co-operation and defence industrial policy after Brexit.

European Parliament: The UK's EU defence relationship post-Brexit

26 April 2018
The UK has often been an obstacle to EU defence integration, but it wants a closer defence relationship after Brexit, Ian Bond of the CER told the European Parliament, SEDE Committee Meeting (from 53.00 mins).

Voice of America: Macron, Merkel US visits highlight policy tensions with Trump

Sophia Besch
25 April 2018
Sophia Besch a research fellow at the Centre for European Reform spoke to Voice of America about German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to Washington later this week.

Germany's arms exports have spiked, despite domestic opposition and public scrutiny

Sophia Besch
19 April 2018
World Politics Review
Between 2014 and 2017, Germany’s government approved some $31 billion in weapons sales, including almost $18 billion to countries outside the European Union and the NATO alliance.

LBC: How will Russia react to allied strike on Syria

14 April 2018
Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform speaks to LBC about how Russia will react or retaliate to the allied strikes on Syria. 

Don't be a stranger! EU-UK foreign policy co-operation after Brexit

13 April 2018
The world feels a dangerous place at present. Relations between the West and Russia are at their most confrontational since the Cold War.

CER Bulletin podcast: EU reform; Brexit and foreign policy; Europe and cyber security

Sophia Besch, Ian Bond, Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, Camino Mortera-Martinez
11 April 2018
In the CER Bulletin podcast, CER researchers brief podcast listeners on three of the most important topics for Europe this month.