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CER podcast: Reviewing 2019

18 December 2019
CER researchers review the year 2019, and discuss what to expect in 2020. The conversation spans the future UK-EU relationship; the fraying of the transatlantic link; China; the state of Franco-German relations; and the EU economy.

Can Europe overcome its paralysis on Palestine?

Beth Oppenheim
05 December 2019
When Federica Mogherini took office as the EU’s high representative for foreign policy in November 2014, she declared that a two-state solution could be reached within her five-year term.

Nato at 70: Not 'brain dead', but needs shot in arm

03 December 2019
EU Observer
What a difference a decade makes. Nato's 60th birthday celebration in 2009 was a show of confidence, sprinkled with the stardust of Barack Obama's first official visit to Europe and culminating in a 62-paragraph declaration covering everything from the Arctic to Africa.

Is a European Security Council a good idea?

02 December 2019
The EU is a trade and regulatory superpower, but it has consistently punched below its weight in foreign and security policy.

Euronews: Future for NATO

02 December 2019
NATO needs to continue to defend itself from pressure from Russia, consider new challenges in cyberspace and space, and become more aware that China poses important challenges in terms of technological sophistication and military deployment, Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European reform  tells Euronews.

Developing a home-grown European defence equipment market

Sophia Besch
02 December 2019
President Emmanuel Macron’s man in the European Commission will struggle to make headway on developing a home-grown European defence equipment market.

The European Commission in EU Defense Industrial Policy

Sophia Besch
22 October 2019
Carnegie Europe
The European Commission has become more involved in EU defense policy. To see changes implemented, however, it must prove it can help the EU develop into a more capable defense actor.

No escaping an arms export policy

Sophia Besch
10 October 2019
Berlin Policy Journal
Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen is “enthusiastically working toward a defense union.” Without a co-ordinated stance on European arms exports, this could prove difficult. 

Judy Asks: Is post-1989 Europe building walls?

Ian Bond, Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
07 October 2019
Carnegie Europe
Post-1989 Europe is building walls, but not of the Cold War kind. Then, repressive Communist regimes knew that if they gave their people a choice most would immediately move to the West, so they kept them in with walls.

Who should hold Europe's arms?

Sophia Besch
25 September 2019
Project Syndicate
Although the EU has one of the world's strongest arms-export frameworks, the rules are not enforced. If Europe is to have any chance of deepening defense co-operation, let alone creating a defense union, that must change.
Children, rubble school Yemen

Europe is at war over arms exports

Beth Oppenheim
18 September 2019
Foreign Policy
The EU must start enforcing its export controls, or else risk making conflicts around the world even worse.

Zusammen raufen

Sophia Besch
10 September 2019
DGAP - IP-Die Zeitschrift
Ursula von der Leyen will „energisch auf eine Verteidigungsunion hinarbeiten“. Ohne eine europäische Waffenexportpolitik wird das schwierig

Eine EU-Mission ist illusorisch

Sophia Besch
06 August 2019
Deutschland kritisiert gern vom Spielfeldrand, statt eigene Vorschläge zu machen. 

Gulf tension making it harder for EU to save Iran deal

02 August 2019
EU Observer
Tensions between Europe and Iran are rising after Iran's seizure of a British-flagged tanker transiting through the Persian Gulf in mid-July.

Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu are hellbent on destroying the two-state solution – the EU must not let them

Beth Oppenheim, Luigi Scazzieri
02 August 2019
The Independent
In typical Trump style, Kushner is pushing a $50bn Middle East ‘deal of the century’ to solve the Israel-Palestinian question. It won’t work and so the European Union should step in.

Transatlantic divergence in the Middle East

11 July 2019
From Libya to Iran, Donald Trump has re-orientated US policy in the Middle East, opening a rift with Europe.

Missing in Libya

27 June 2019
Berlin Policy Journal
The civil war in Libya is getting worse, carrying the risk of spreading instability and extremism. Another refugee crisis could be looming. Yet so far the EU has been divided and passive.

Judy Asks: Is the Iran nuclear deal salvageable?

20 June 2019
Carnegie Europe
Probably not. Iran has warned it will violate the deal by the end of June unless the EU, Russia, and China deliver on their pledge to provide relief from US sanctions.

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia have been found unlawful – this could end the war in Yemen

Beth Oppenheim
20 June 2019
The Independent
The UK knew the Saudi-led coalition was bombing Yemeni civilians and yet it carried on selling arms. Why has it taken legal action to force the British government to abide by national, EU and international law?

The importance of being protectionist: A long view of the European Defense Fund

Sophia Besch, Martin Quencez
13 June 2019
War on the rocks
In 2017, EU officials rejoiced. They claimed to have accomplished more in 10 months than in 10 years in the field of defense, having launched three new initiatives to strengthen defense industrial co-operation, first and foremost the European Defense Fund.