The cost of Brexit: September 2021

29 November 2021
In September 2021, UK goods trade was 11.2 per cent, or £8.5 billion, lower than it would have been if the UK had stayed in the EU’s single market and customs union.

A permanent EU recovery fund can help Poland change

29 November 2021
The EU’s climate ambitions will add tension to its relationship with Poland. Making the EU’s recovery fund permanent would provide stronger incentives for Poland to embrace the energy transition.

Britain and France should stand together

29 November 2021
UK-French relations are fractious across the board. The two countries must not lose sight of their common international security interests. As Europe’s pre-eminent military powers, they need each other.

An isolated China is a more dangerous China

Pascal Lamy
29 November 2021
China is becoming a more difficult partner for Europe. Isolating it would only strengthen nationalist forces in Beijing, however. While standing up for its principles, Europe should help China’s outward-looking forces. 

Six questions on Germany's new coalition agreement

Sophia Besch, Christian Odendahl, Noah Gordon
26 November 2021
The German coalition agreement contains sensible commitments on security policy, an ambitious agenda on climate, new-found boldness on China and openness to use fiscal policy more aggressively, at home and in Europe.  

Bridging the Channel: The UK's nuclear deterrent and its role in European security

18 November 2021
The UK’s nuclear deterrent is intended to defend its NATO allies as well as itself. The UK must do a better job of persuading allies that its commitment to them is real.

The three deaths of EU-UK data adequacy

15 November 2021
European and British businesses can still freely transfer personal data between the EU and UK. This situation has spared both sides disruption – but is unlikely to last.

Lukashenka is the problem, not the migrants

12 November 2021
The crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border is artificially manufactured. Europe needs to focus on the cause of the problem – Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s desire to strike back at the EU.

Why the EU's recovery fund should be permanent

11 November 2021
The recovery fund will raise growth, and member-states’ investments and reforms are largely the right ones. But to make a big difference to climate change, the fund needs to be permanent and much larger.

Europe and the transition to a post-American Middle East

05 November 2021
The US's preoccupation with China is reducing Washington's focus on the Middle East, while Russian and Chinese influence is growing. Europeans need to step up their efforts to stabilise the region.

How to solve a problem like Poland

03 November 2021
The Polish government’s defiance over the rule of law puts the EU in a bind. To protect the Union’s integrity without alienating Polish citizens, the EU needs a mix of political pressure, legal action and better communication.

Why have Europe's energy prices spiked and what can the EU do about them?

28 October 2021
Europeans’ skyrocketing energy bills are not primarily Russia’s fault, though it is capitalising on Europe’s vulnerability.

EU-UK relations: There is no steady state

Sam Lowe
26 October 2021
The current crisis over the Northern Ireland protocol will pass, but tensions between the EU and the UK are not going away.

Bridging the Channel: How Europeans and the UK can work together on defence capability development

15 October 2021
Despite the UK's unwillingness to work with the EU on developing military capabilities, co-operation between London and its European partners need not stall.

Opening Pandora's Box: What the EU-UK trade deal means for trade and conditionality

Sam Lowe
13 October 2021
The EU-UK Trade and Co-operation Agreement includes world-leading sustainability commitments.

After Afghanistan and AUKUS: What next for European defence?

07 October 2021
The US retreat from Afghanistan and the AUKUS deal have strengthened calls for greater ‘European strategic autonomy’.

Transatlantic relations after Afghanistan and AUKUS

30 September 2021
America’s relations with its European allies have survived worse crises than the row over whose submarines Australia will buy, or even the Afghanistan debacle. The US should not be complacent, however.

‘Europe after September 11th’ revisited

30 September 2021
The attacks of 9/11 brought the major powers together. But that unity did not endure, and the world now risks division between the West and the authoritarian powers.