How Europe can make the most of AI

How Europe can make the most of AI

14 September 2023
AI may raise productivity – potentially substantially. European policy-makers should do more to ensure businesses use it, by regulating to clarify liability and ensuring vigorous competition between AI companies.

What approach should Labour take to the 2026 TCA review?

Anton Spisak
06 September 2023
A Labour government will want to reshape relations with the EU. The 2026 review of the trade deal offers only limited scope for change – but that should not constrain Labour’s ambitions.
Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni speaking, Brussels, Belgium 10.2.2023

Can Meloni's balancing act continue?

21 August 2023
Giorgia Meloni has blended Atlanticism and pragmatism towards the EU with right-wing populism on immigration, cultural issues and green policy.

To be influential in the EU, Spain must rebuild its political centre

31 July 2023
Spain’s inconclusive electoral results will diminish Madrid’s influence in Europe. As holder of the EU’s rotating presidency, Spain will be diligent but distracted.
On digital competition, Britain could learn from its regulatory mistakes

On digital competition, Britain could learn from its regulatory mistakes

20 July 2023
The traditional British model of economic regulation has not always supported investment and innovation. The UK’s digital competition bill could learn from these mistakes.

Building UK-EU bridges: Convergent China policies?

10 July 2023
The EU and the UK have almost identical objectives vis-à-vis China, and are pursuing very similar policies. After Brexit, can they still work together closely?

NATO after Vilnius

03 July 2023
If NATO allies want to support Kyiv effectively and reinforce deterrence, they need to build up their industrial capacity and strengthen NATO’s European pillar.

Germany needs a new growth model

Sander Tordoir, Shahin Vallée
30 June 2023
Berlin should fundamentally reset its growth strategy, rather than clinging to a failing model of industrial export corporatism.

Why Russia must pay for the damage it has done to Ukraine – and how to ensure it does

Ian Bond, Timothy Ash
19 June 2023
Western taxpayers should not pay all the cost of reconstructing Ukraine, when there are Russian assets that could be used. 

Reform of Europe's wholesale power markets: In need of a jolt?

13 June 2023
The European Commission’s proposal to reform the electricity wholesale market is modest, but pragmatic. But the EU must strengthen the grid to improve its energy security: infrastructure planning should be co-ordinated at European level. 

Europe can withstand American and Chinese subsidies for green tech

12 June 2023
European policy-makers are fretting about subsidised green tech imports from the US and China. But shipping costs are increasingly discouraging imports of these goods from faraway countries.

EU-UK co-operation in defence capabilities after the war in Ukraine

09 June 2023
Despite warming EU-UK relations, defence co-operation remains thin and the EU’s deepening involvement in defence industrial policy means there is a growing gap in developing military capabilities.

Ukraine's progress towards NATO membership: Going from Bucharest to Vilnius without moving?

08 June 2023
At its upcoming Vilnius summit, NATO is likely to offer Ukraine a closer relationship than before, but less than full membership.

Erdoğan's victory and the West

31 May 2023
Erdoğan’s re-election as Turkish president means that Ankara’s relations with its Western allies will remain turbulent. The West should expect a bumpy ride. 

25 years on ...

30 May 2023
This 150th edition of the bulletin appears 25 years after the first. It prompts me to recall the birth of the CER in 1998.  

Why the EU can be tougher on China

30 May 2023
EU policy-makers have dithered over their approach to China and Taiwan. They must persuade Beijing that the economic consequences of an invasion would hurt China, but be bearable for the EU.  

The Commission: More power demands more accountability

30 May 2023
As the European Commission becomes more political, it will need to embrace both the Spitzenkandidaten process and reform.   

The UK's competition authority is ready to regulate big tech

26 May 2023
The UK competition authority has decided Microsoft cannot acquire games company Activision. This should reassure politicians that the authority wants dynamic and competitive markets.

Are the costs of Brexit big or small?

09 May 2023
Critics say my estimate – that the British economy is around 5 per cent smaller due to Brexit – is implausibly large. This insight tests their scepticism against other ways to estimate the cost of Brexit.