US weapons sales in Europe are booming as Russia's war in Ukraine continues to rage

04 November 2022
Yahoo News
“This is certainly the biggest increase in defence spending in Europe since the end of the Cold War,” Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform, told Yahoo News. Russia’s war in Ukraine has shaken countries and “people who got used to peace for a generation,” said Bond.

Here's how China could use its ownership of EU critical infrastructure to exert pressure

04 November 2022
The real concern is over digital and Europe's dependency on Chinese technology. "I worry more about other kinds of vulnerabilities, such as in the case of 5G, the possibility that it could be used for espionage or the possibility that it could be just turned off altogether," Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform (CER) think-tank, told Euronews. 
CER podcast: Can Rishi Sunak reset the UK-EU relationship?

CER podcast: Can Rishi Sunak reset the UK-EU relationship?

Charles Grant, Peter Foster
03 November 2022
Peter Foster joins Charles Grant to consider the prospects for repairing UK-EU relations under new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Where Britain went wrong

03 November 2022
The crisis was a “big shock to the UK’s broad economic model,” said John Springford, from the Centre for European Reform. Productivity took an immediate hit as exports of financial services plunged. It never fully recovered.

Here's what to expect from Italian PM Giorgia Meloni's first trip to Brussels

03 November 2022
"From everything we've seen so far, Meloni will try to signal that she is going to be assertive but not disruptive and that she can build a constructive relationship with the EU institutions," Luigi Scazzieri, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform (CER) told Euronews.

Sunak must bet big on our semiconductor industry – or we’ll lose out to competition

02 November 2022
City A.M
Rishi Sunak’s in-tray is overflowing with crises: from the cost of living to supporting Ukraine, from settling the UK’s long-running dispute with the EU about Northern Ireland to  the fate of his controversial home secretary.

The Westminster sitcom has a new male lead. Pass the popcorn

30 October 2022
The Sydney Morning Herald
Divorce from Brussels has made GDP more than 5 per cent smaller than it would have been otherwise and investment 13 per cent lower, according to the Centre for European Reform. Last year alone, UK exports to the EU fell by 13 per cent.

Judy Asks: Is European support for Ukraine dependent on the United States?

28 October 2022
Carnegie Europe
There are three ways to look at US aid to Ukraine in comparison with aid from Europe. The first is in terms of military support.

FMQs: Nicola Sturgeon destroys claim that Scotland must join the euro to get into EU

27 October 2022
The National
Just yesterday, here is the deputy director at the Centre for European Reform. ‘I'm not a Scottish nationalist, but euro membership doesn't get forced on member-states’.

What Giorgia Meloni’s government means for Europe

24 October 2022
Giorgia Meloni, the right-wing firebrand leader of Brothers of Italy is now Italy’s Prime Minster – notably the first woman to hold the role.

Giorgia Meloni sworn in as PM but Berlusconi snipes from the shadows

23 October 2022
The Sunday Times
She [Giorgia Meloni] may be lukewarm, however, about any moves towards further European integration — seen by France, in particular, as a precondition for the further eastward expansion of the EU, said Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform. “This will be very bad for those who really care about enlargement, because the French and others are quite clear there will not be another country joining the EU until the treaties have been changed to have more majority voting,” he said.

Chips Act sceptics

21 October 2022
Financial Times
The Centre for European Reform argues that the EU’s Chips Act is unlikely to deliver the financial firepower to ensure Europe can compete globally or significantly increase Europe’s strategic autonomy.

Delusions of grandeur are root of Britain’s chaos

21 October 2022
The folly of Brexit, which I campaigned against, has played a role in the subsequent madness. Its supporters maintained leaving the EU would put rocket boosters under the UK economy. It has done exactly the opposite, cutting the size of the economy by over 5%, according to the Centre for European Reform.

Ask CER - Episode 7: Emergency EU energy measures, UK divergence from EU rules and power shifts in Europe

21 October 2022
You asked, we answered: the seventh episode of our 'Ask CER' podcast series.

EU leaders debate gas price cap as north-south energy rifts deepen

20 October 2022
Energy Monitor
“After focusing on electricity market interventions in September, the European Commission has now turned to measures to tame gas prices,” says Elisabetta Cornago, a researcher at the Centre for European Reform, a think-tank. “Price limits for gas transactions on the TTF exchange may be difficult to implement and might risk muddling incentives to save energy. Joint procurement of gas instead is a smart approach to negotiate more convenient gas prices, which should ultimately benefit consumers.”

As another Tory PM teeters, the costs of Brexit keep mounting

20 October 2022
The New European
In June, the Centre for European Reform estimated the price-tag for Johnson’s oven-ready Brexit was already running into the billions with UK gross domestic product (GDP) 5.2% – or a whopping £31bn – lower than it would have been if the UK had not left the EU.

Don't blame Brexit

19 October 2022
The Atlantic
In figures provided to me by the Centre for European Reform, a London-based think-tank, Britain’s average GDP growth rate (in real terms) from 1945 to 1973 - outside what was then called the European Common Market - was 2.8 percent.

Economy in crisis, Tories in meltdown: How I have told the sad, strange story of Britain

17 October 2022
The Guardian
Modelling by the Centre for European Reform found that solely because of Brexit, British trade in goods was down during the first half of last year, ranging between 11 and 16% month to month.

Europe’s united front has surprised Russia and there might be more surprises to come

15 October 2022
Arab News
Elisabetta Cornago from the Centre for European Reform think-tank, for example, has described the gas price-cap proposal as “kind of a cry for help. The bloc has run out of low-hanging fruit to address the energy crisis and is gradually moving away from orthodoxy, despite the potential perils the shift entails.”

What measures could the West take if there was a nuclear strike and what would it mean for Putin?

14 October 2022
Sky News
Ian Bond, from the Centre for European Reform, says the West needs to stop being - and sounding - afraid of a nuclear attack."Nothing is as provocative to Putin as weakness, so the more the West says 'We are afraid that Russia might use nuclear weapons', the more likely that Putin is to continue making the threat of using nuclear weapons - and perhaps even use one or two to demonstrate he really means it."