Brexit reduced UK economy by 5.5% and led to tax rises

21 December 2022
The Irish Examiner
Brexit has left the UK economy 5.5% smaller than it would have been and added to the squeeze on public services that’s behind strikes crippling the railways and National Health Service, a prominent research group concluded.The Centre for European Reform said that slower growth is also weighing on the UK Treasury’s revenue and that the tax increases announced in the autumn fiscal statement wouldn’t be necessary if the UK were still in the European Union’s common market.

Britain's GDP now 5.5% smaller than it would have been without Brexit, think-tank claims

21 December 2022
The Guardian
Britain’s GDP was 5.5% smaller by the second quarter of this year than it would have been without Brexit, a think-tank claims.In his analysis for the Centre for European Reform, John Springford also says that almost all the tax increases announced by Rishi Sunak when he was chancellor in March would not have been needed if the UK had enjoyed the extra tax revenue it would have got from higher growth if it had stayed in the EU.

NHK News 7: Gas prices

21 December 2022
"So houses that were already more vulnerable to energy poverty to begin with are now going to be suffering even more. And I think for this reason, it is important to make sure that policies that aim at helping out consumers start out by targeting those that are in the most vulnerable positions", said Elisabetta Cornago, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform.

‘Worse than feared’: Brexit to blame for £33bn loss to UK economy, study shows

20 December 2022
The Independent
Research by the Centre for European Reform (CER), shared with The Independent, shows that Britain’s economy is 5.5 per cent smaller than it would have been if the country had remained inside the EU.The UK’s goods trade is 7 per cent lower and investment is 11 per cent lower than it would have been had the Remain campaign won the 2016 Brexit referendum, according to the think-tank’s analysis.

ITV News: Brexit costs government £40 billion a year in lost tax revenue

20 December 2022
The difference in performance between his “doppelgänger UK economy” and the real thing is stark. Mr Springford’s latest update estimates that Brexit reduced Britain’s GDP by 5.5% by the second quarter of 2022.

En wéér is de eurozone niet voorbereid op een crisis

Sander Tordoir, Jasper van Dijk
20 December 2022
Het Financieele Dagblad
De crisisbestendigheid van de eurozone wordt keer op keer op de proef gesteld. Dit brengt ook risico's voor de Nederlandse economie met zich mee.

Emprunts records pour Berlin en 2023 grâce à des tours de passe-passe sur la règle du frein à l’endettement

16 December 2022
Le Figaro
“Le gouvernement prétend faire une choise et en faire une autre grâce à une comptabilité créative” commente Sander Tordoir, économiste au Centre for European Reform a Berlin.

CER podcast: The implications of Russia's war against Ukraine

15 December 2022
In this year’s final episode of the CER podcast, our researchers unpack the most significant event of the past year, Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Feel free to talk to China about Ukraine, but don't expect miracles

15 December 2022
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President of the European Council Charles Michel have both taken the long flight to Beijing to meet Xi Jinping recently.

Respect de l’Etat de droit : l’UE divisée face au cas Orban

13 December 2022
Alternatives Economiques
« Les difficultés rencontrées par l’économie hongroise ne sont pas fondamentalement différentes de celles que connaissent ses homologues européens, mais elles sont fortement exacerbées par Orban », analyse Sander Tordoir, économiste du cercle de réflexion Centre for European Reform.

Europe may not find energy efficiency sexy — but it’s crucial

13 December 2022
Financial Times
EU leaders are right to try to protect consumers and keep business costs down, yet they have to do more.

Na druk van EU bindt Polen in, maar Orbán zoekt de confrontatie

11 December 2022
„Na jaren van passief toekijken is in Brussel eindelijk een manier gevonden om met dwarse regeringen om te gaan”, zegt juriste Camino Mortera van de denktank Centre for European Reform. „Wat niet lukte met inbreukprocedures via het Europees Hof en de ‘nucleaire optie’ van Artikel 7, gebeurt nu alsnog via de Europese begroting.”

Judy Asks: Are France and Germany wavering on Russia?

08 December 2022
Carnegie Europe
It would be wrong to say that France and Germany are wavering on Russia; the problem is that while they condemn Russian aggression and offer support to Ukraine, they struggle to see Putin’s regime as it really is.

No es el momento de que Ucrania negocie

07 December 2022
ES Global
Varias personalidades occidentales están animando a Ucrania a entablar negociaciones de paz con Rusia. Pero, en estos momentos, un alto el fuego dejaría al  país vulnerable frente a un nuevo ataque ruso. Kiev necesita armas, no titubeos.

The EU accession dream in the Western Balkans

06 December 2022
The Week
Luigi Scazzieri, a researcher at the Centre for European Reform, a think-tank based in London, told the news site that each country still had “substantial hurdles” to overcome in order to meet the Copenhagen criteria, “which define the EU’s standards on strong democratic institutions, a functioning market economy and the ability to take on the obligations of membership”.

Enlargement back on EU’s agenda at Western Balkans summit

05 December 2022
Associated Press
“None is close to joining the EU,” said Luigi Scazzieri, a researcher at the Centre for European Reform, a think tank based in London. “They must all overcome substantial hurdles to meet the Copenhagen criteria, which define the EU’s standards on strong democratic institutions, a functioning market economy and the ability to take on the obligations of membership.”

Does Britain have a problem with R&D spending?

01 December 2022
The Economist
According to the Centre for European Reform (CER), a think-tank, the uncertainty over British participation in Horizon has already hit EU funding for British academic science by around 2.5% relative to the 2004-16 trend. Although the money can be replaced, the opportunities for collaboration that Horizon offers cannot.
CER podcast: Will the EU unblock Hungary's funds?

CER podcast: Will the EU unblock Hungary's funds?

30 November 2022
Camino Mortera-Martínez and Sander Tordoir discuss the dispute between Hungary and the EU.

Der Austritt hatte vorhersehbare okonomische Folgen

29 November 2022
Die Presse
Die britische Wirtschaft geht auf Talfahrt, immer mehr Briten halten den Brexit für einen Fehler, und die Regierung erwägt offenbar eine Annäherung an die EU. Ein Gespräch mit dem Brexit-Experten John Springford vom Centre for European Reform.

Brexit is hurting UK innovation

28 November 2022
Times Higher Education
German-style political stability and long-term science funding could help mitigate the damage, say Zach Meyers and John Springford.