EU largely positive on Tsipras win

Christian Odendahl
21 September 2015
Voice of America
Chief economist for the London-based Centre for European Reform Christian Odendahl says many observers aren’t surprised by the results. Now, he adds, comes the hard part.“The biggest issue that Tsipras will now [face] will be debt relief. He put it at the top of his agenda. But the problem is that the Europeans are not going to comprise much unless he tackles some of the tough reforms and austerity measures that have been agreed in the last deal,” Odendahl says.

Fed's decision could pressure European Central Bank to step up stimulus efforts

Simon Tilford
17 September 2015
The Wall Street Journal
“There’s been this assumption in the eurozone that Americans would raise rates and the European economy would be able to rely on a strong US economy and a strong dollar,” said Simon Tilford of the CER.

Shock-resistant eurozone appears far off

Christian Odendahl
17 September 2015
The Wall Street Journal
There are some ways to unblock the logjam. Rather than immediately force banks to hold significant capital on their holdings of government bonds, European regulators could set limits for how many bonds from one country a bank can hold, suggests Christian Odendahl, of the CER.

Judy Asks: Should the West work with Russia on Syria?

16 September 2015
Carnegie Europe
Every week, a selection of leading experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

Лейбористська трагедія

15 September 2015
Які ризики несе для Британії обрання Джеремі Корбіна лідером партії робітників.

The European walled-garden: What's the root cause? what's the solution?

Camino Mortera-Martinez
14 September 2015
Open democracy
The EU expanded eastwards during the 90s and 00s did just the kind of thing we wanted: it was a force for openness that was making concrete policy to weaken the grip of the exlcuisve nation-stage.

German border-check move threatens Europe's frontier-free ideal

Camino Mortera-Martinez
13 September 2015
"Schengen is the essence of the European Union," said Camino Mortera, a research fellow at the CER. "Other countries may follow suit - Hungary, for example, might think it would be a good idea - and you could say that if Schengen were to collapse it could mean the whole idea of the EU is no longer valid."

Hardline Hungary highlights split between East and West

Camino Mortera-Martinez
13 September 2015
The Sunday Times
Camino Mortera-Martinez, a fellow at the CER, said Orban has a point: "Just as Hungary should not have built its fence without talking to others, the German announcement of the suspension of Dublin for Syrians is morally wonderful but has a pull factor that is dangerous for other states."

Por qué Europa sí necesita de los inmigrantes?

Christian Odendahl
09 September 2015
El Tiempo
Además, no todos se quedarán. Casi la mitad vienen de los Balcanes y esos, en principio, serán devueltos a sus países. A corto plazo, supondrá un costo.

State of the Union: Europe in the last chance saloon, warns EU president Jean-Claude Juncker

Rem Korteweg
08 September 2015
The Telegraph
He [Junker] first held ministerial office aged 28, and his strength is his longevity, according to Dr Rem Korteweg of the CER. He adds the slap-stick routine is an ice-breaker that disguises his political skill. "He knows all these individual leaders and their predecessors, and the predecessors of their predecessors. He is the grandfather of the eurozone."

'Brexit' by accident? Events risk overtaking PM Cameron

08 September 2015
"The more he [David Cameron] makes these concessions and the longer he delays clearly coming out for a 'Yes', the more that damages his reputation and credibility with his EU partners and the less likely they are to help him get a good deal," said Charles Grant, director of the CER.

Vijf mythes over het Britse referendum

Rem Korteweg
07 September 2015
Internationale Spectator
De Britse premier David Cameron onderhandelt de komende maanden over het Britse EU-lidmaatschap. Medio volgend jaar volgt het EU-referendum. Nederland heeft belang bij het VK in de EU, maar Den Haag kan het proces maar beperkt beïnvloeden. Wat valt er te verwachten?

Merkel's migrant morality play

Christian Odendahl
06 September 2015
Whether such pressures [estimated costs of handling refugees this year 10 billion euros] spark a backlash will depend on who is steering the debate, said Christian Odendahl of the CER. "Will it be determined by those who want to limit immigration or those who see a great economic opportunity if Germany becomes an Einwanderungsland?" he asked.

As the migrant crisis intensifies, is this the beginning of the end of Europe's Schengen area?

Camino Mortera-Martinez
04 September 2015
City A.M
Alan Mendoza, executive director of the Henry Jackson Society, says Yes and Camino Mortera, a research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, says No

EU refugee crisis: End of an ideal

Hugo Brady
04 September 2015
Financial Times
In a 2012 report Hugo Brady, now an aide to European Council president Donald Tusk, called on European leaders to "snuff the fuse" lit under the Schengen endeavour. "Without more assertive political action and a fair amount of luck," he wrote for the CER.

Yvette Cooper condemns Theresa May's 'cowardly' asylum policy

02 September 2015
The Independent
"We may have a generation long battle against the new totalitarianism just as we did its predecessors," she said in a speech to the CER in London. "And just as we did faced with totalitarian regimes past, we have a moral responsibility again do our bit to help those who flee to survive."

Judy Asks: Is this Europe's time for political union?

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
02 September 2015
Carnegie Europe
There is no better time for a debate about political union than in the midst of a crisis. European crises reveal flaws in the way the EU works and provoke questions about whether the solution is more or less Europe.

On China's victory day, is Putin the loser?

02 September 2015
The Huffington Post
Russian President Vladimir Putin will be the guest of honour at China's Victory Day parade in Beijing on 3 September, just as President Xi Jinping was the guest of honour for Russia's parade in May.

Quentin Letts at the Labour hopeful's big migration speech

02 September 2015
The Daily Mail
"I'm asking the Prime Minister, I'm asking Scotland and Wales, I'm asking councils, I'm asking communities, I'm asking faith groups, I'm asking campaigning organisations, I'm asking everyone," said Yvette Cooper during her speech at the CER.

Britain must take in 10,000 refugees, says Labour's Yvette Cooper

Yvette Cooper MP
01 September 2015
The Telegraph
Speaking at the CER, Miss Cooper said: "If every city took 10 refugee families, if every London borough took 10 families, if every county council took 10 families, then in a month we'd have nearly 10,000 more places for vulnerable refugees fleeing danger, seeking safety."