What the 2023 Turkish general election could mean for EU-Turkey relations

18 April 2023
LSE blog
Turkey is one of the EU’s largest and most strategically important neighbours, a NATO member and a candidate for EU membership. Its presidential and parliamentary elections, scheduled for 14 May, will determine whether President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan remains in power and in control of Turkey’s relations with Europe.

Euronews: Bruselas, ¿te quiero?: La Unión Europea profundiza su división sobre China

15 April 2023
La redacción de Euronews en Bruselas les presenta el último episodio de nuestro programa de debate y análisis de la actualidad europea.

AB'de Türkiye'deki seçimlere ilişkin gergin bekleyiş

15 April 2023
Deutsche Welle
AB’de Türkiye seçimleriyle ilgili gergin bekleyişi, olası senaryolara hazırlıkları DW Türkçe’ye anlatan CER uzmanı Luigi Scazzieri, “Kılıçdaroğlu'nun galibiyeti ilişkilerin güçlenmesinin yolunu açar” dedi.

The total eclipse of Margrethe Vestager

13 April 2023
“Any chance of a prestigious international role might be stymied were former US President Donald Trump or a like-minded candidate to seize the White House next year, said Zach Meyers, a competition policy fellow at the Centre for European Reform. “There’s a lot of bad blood between Vestager and Trump, so she may be unable to secure American support if the Republicans win.”

Brexit will cost UK workers about £1,300 in lost income each year, say experts

12 April 2023
Evening Standard
John Springford, deputy director at the Centre for European Reform, told the Standard: “Britain’s productivity determines how much money people are paid. So a full-time worker with average earnings will be about £1,300 worse off a year as a result of Brexit.

CER podcast: Berlin versus Brussels: The politics of EU fiscal rules

12 April 2023
In this week's episode of the CER podcast Sander Tordoir discusses the EU's fiscal rules.

German debt rules proposal fuels new austerity fear

11 April 2023
“Everyone is jumping on [the German proposal] as if the 1 per cent is sort of a red line,” Sander Tordoir of the Centre for European Reform told Euractiv. “But if you read the paper, there’s a lot of ‘could’ and ‘could for example be’,” he said, adding that he thinks this language is chosen “explicitly and purposefully, signalling openness to discuss”.

„Konstruktiv“ oder „katastrophal“: Lindners Reformplan für EU-Schuldenregeln stößt auf geteiltes Echo

10 April 2023
“Andere Ökonomen bewerten die Vorschläge der Bundesregierung positiver. Sander Tordoir vom Centre for European Reform sieht „ein konstruktives Angebot“, das nach seiner Einschätzung strenger daherkommt, als es eigentlich ist.”  

EU Commission to investigate testbed Orange-MasMovil merger

04 April 2023
“If the merger is allowed to proceed, it could trigger a string of similar mobile mergers across Europe. That means there is a lot of pressure: the Commission may decide that the merger would help support faster 5G and fibre rollout in Spain. But if they get it wrong, then only the firms’ shareholders will win,” Zach Meyers, a research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, told EURACTIV.
For Meyers, the odds might be set against the merger, as raising prices might be particularly unpopular during raging inflation. 

If Sunak wants to put Britain back on track, he must break with the Brexiteers

01 April 2023
The New European
But whereas other economies have largely recovered from the pandemic, the UK continues to languish because Brexit keeps on inflicting its damage. The Centre for European Reform calculates that by June, it will have cost Britain a lost £40 billion in taxes.

Windsor Framework: Plan to scrap EU laws could undermine NI deal, says report

Anton Spisak
01 April 2023
BBC News
Plans to scrap thousands of EU-era laws copied over to UK law after Brexit could undermine the Windsor Framework, a think tank has warned. The Centre for European Reform (CER) said that would lead to "unmanaged divergence" between Britain and the EU.It says this in turn would "deepen the regulatory gulf between Great Britain and Northern Ireland".

Sunak rejects report that plan to scrap thousands of EU laws will undermine Brexit deal

Anton Spisak
31 March 2023
The Daily Express
Rishi Sunak has rubbished the claim that the Government's plan to scrap thousands of EU laws would undermine the Windsor Framework. The Retained EU Law Bill will see thousands of laws inherited from the Europen Union expire automatically at the end of 2023. But the Centre for European Reform (CER) said the plans would lead to "unmanaged divergence" between Britain and the EU.

It's Groundhog Day for EU fiscal rule reform

Sander Tordoir, Jasper van Dijk
30 March 2023
A desperately needed reform of the EU’s fiscal rules is finally underway.The current rules are too complicated — they impose unrealistic demands on some countries, and they lead to overspending in economic booms and austerity in recessions.

Judy Asks: Is Hungary a reliable EU and NATO member?

30 March 2023
Carnegie Europe
Viktor Orbán benefits from EU and NATO membership while undermining these organizations’ core values. Hungary’s allies must find ways to restrain Budapest and not be held hostage.

Navigating Europe’s southern challenges

30 March 2023
European View
The EU’s foreign policy is currently focused on supporting Ukraine in resisting Russian aggression and on dealing with the consequences of the war, particularly in terms of energy security.

Boris Johnson likely to remain a constant in UK political life

29 March 2023
Arab News
Estimates previously published by the Centre for European Reform, which found that Brexit cost the UK £33 billion ($40 billion) in lost trade in the second quarter of last year alone and more than £40 billion in tax losses in the year to the end of June 2022. The same research showed that the UK economy was 5.5 percent smaller in June last year than it would have been without Brexit.

EU: Estonia spat underlies challenges for Ukraine arms fund

29 March 2023
Deutsche Welle
The implication is that Tallinn is taking the opportunity to modernize its stocks with the help of EU funds rather than domestic assets, which other member states are not doing, Luigi Scazzieri, an analyst from the Centre for European Reform, told DW."Clearly there's annoyance in some countries at the way Estonia has used the fund," he said. "Mainly because if everyone used the fund to be reimbursed for new equipment, then the money in the fund would actually run out very, very quickly."

Brexit damage as big as Covid, says OBR – predicting five years before incomes recover

26 March 2023
The Independent
In December, the Centre for European Reform (CER) found that Brexit cost the UK a staggering £33bn in lost trade, investment and growth. The CER also estimated the tax loss from Brexit at around £40bn.The research – first shared with The Independent – showed that by June of this year Britain’s economy was 5.5 per cent smaller than it would have been if the country had remained in the EU.

CER podcast: Russian hybrid threats

Ian Bond, Helmi Pillai
24 March 2023
In this week's episode of the CER podcast Ian Bond discusses hybrid threats with Helmi Pillai.

Like it or not, the EU needs American cloud services

23 March 2023
As industrial competition with the US and China heats up, European businesses need to be more innovative to keep pace.