Single market, competition & trade

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Vision please

Vision please

Ben Hall
01 February 1999
This year will be crucial both for the development of the European Union and for Britain's position within it. Outside EMU, Britain cannot be one of the leading players. It will have to run to keep up. That means that the government must actively engage in a public debate about Europe's future.
Bulletin issue 4

Issue 4 - 1999

Charles Grant, Kitty Ussher, Ben Hall, Alexandra Ashbourne, Kitty Ussher
29 January 1999
EMU must go further

EMU must go further

Kitty Ussher
01 December 1998
The EMU project is set for success in the short term, despite the financial crisis, but in the long run its prosperity depends on greater co-ordination between member states to undertake essential structural reform.
Bulletin issue 9

Issue 9 - 1999

Charles Grant, Tim Garden, John Roper, Charles Leadbeater
27 November 1998
Bulletin issue 3

Issue 3 - 1998

Charles Grant, Rodric Braithwaite, Ben Hall, Kitty Ussher
27 November 1998
Will EMU lead to political union?

Will EMU lead to political union?

Ed Smith
01 October 1998
In the recent history of Europe, from Jean Monnet's plan for a European Coal and Steel Community in1950 to today's European Union, one pattern seems clear: where economic integration leads, political integration will eventually follow.
EMU, it is argued, will continue this trend-except on a far bigger scale. The euro will...
Transparency is no panacea?

Transparency is no panacea?

Maurice Fraser
01 October 1998
We all want openness and accountability, but let's be clear that they don't guarantee the most effective method of Government. Several of the objectives we set for the European Union - an efficient single market; a single currency which commands public confidence and proves a reliable store of value; a...
Bulletin issue 2

Issue 2 - 1998

Charles Grant, Ben Hall, Maurice Fraser, Ed Smith
25 September 1998
The unshocking truth about EMU

The unshocking truth about EMU

01 July 1998
It is the commonest of all the economic arguments against EMU, but also the most specious: that any country in the euro-zone which suffered an economic crisis that did not affect its neighbours (an "asymmetric shock"), deprived of the freedom to devalue, would be condemned to a massive rise in unemployment.
Weak dollar strong euro?

Weak dollar strong euro? The international impact of EMU

Fred Bergsten
01 May 1998
The creation of the euro will be the most important development in the evolution of the international monetary system since the widespread adoption of flexible exchange rates in the early 1970s.
Saving our fish

Saving our fish

Charles Cann
11 July 1997
The European Union's Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) has been widely pilloried within Britain, particularly in the last two or three years, and cited as another example of Brussels' ineptitude and its prejudice against British interests.
A common agricultural fund

A common agricultural fund

Richard Ali
04 July 1997
Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is back on the table once again - not that it has ever been absent for long. With the inter-governmental conference out of the way, the European Commission is due to present a major package of reforms during the summer of 1997.
Britain and EMU

Britain and EMU: The case for joining

Graham Bishop, Chris Boyd, Alison Cottrell, Diane Coyle, Alan Donnelly, Niall FitzGerald, Pascal Lamy, Alman Metten, John Monks, Sir David Simon, Peter Sutherland, Martin Wolf
07 February 1997
As the deadline for the start of Economic and Monetary Union approaches, the British debate on the single currency is shifting. Theoretical discussions on the pros and cons of monetary union are becoming less relevant. Britain now faces an urgent and practical question: if, as seems likely, its principal trading...
Can industrial Europe be saved?

Can industrial Europe be saved?

Olivier Cadot, Pierre Blime
13 September 1996
Pessimists claim that the European economy is sinking under the weight of an over-regulated labour market and a costly welfare state. Taking a hard-headed look at the facts, Olivier Cadot and Pierre Blime find that Europe's competitive position in manufacturing has declined, industrial Europe is facing declining market shares in...
Reshaping Europe

Reshaping Europe: Visions for the future

Nick Butler, Philip Dodd, Stephanie Flanders, Timothy Garton Ash, Kirsty Hughes
06 September 1996
Many Europeans are unhappy with the way the European Union works. How can it be remodelled? Neither old-fashioned federalism nor chauvinistic Euroscepticism offer the answer. In Reshaping Europe, five writers offer fresh ideas for the future.