5 big Brexit promises - and what we got instead

20 February 2023
The Independent
A joint report by the UK in a Changing Europe and the Centre for European Reform think tanks found the ending of free movement is “contributing significantly” to current labour shortages. The study found the low-skilled sectors – including hospitality, retail, construction and transportation – had been badly hit by the loss of EU workers after Brexit.

Two-thirds of public think Brexit has hurt UK economy, poll finds

19 February 2023
The Independent
In December, the Centre for European Reform (CER) found that Brexit had cost the UK a staggering £33bn in lost trade, investment and growth. The CER also estimated the tax loss from Brexit to be around £40bn.

The authoritarian moment

18 February 2023
The New European
Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform, says Putin can afford to ignore these distant protests.“Putin cares about what happens in Moscow and St Petersburg… everywhere else you can deal with it through a combination of bribery and coercion,” he said. “When things start bubbling in Moscow and St Petersburg, they are ruthlessly suppressed… I don’t think demonstrations by soldiers’ mothers in the periphery make much difference.”

El coste del "error colosal" del divorcio británico de la UE: pérdidas de 120.000 millones anuales y 330.000 empleos menos

John Springford, Jonathan Portes
18 February 2023
Desde otros centros de investigación, como el Centre for European Reform (CER), un think tank europeísta y próximo desde sus orígenes al laborismo británico, y el UK in Changing Europe, se hacen eco de una reducción de 330.000 trabajadores -460.000 de origen europeo menos, frente a los 130.000 de otras nacionalidades que se ha sumado al mercado de trabajo- desde la firma del divorcio. Una "pérdida neta" de alrededor del 1% de la fuerza laboral británica.

Spectator Podcast: Will the DUP accept Sunak’s deal?

17 February 2023
As it looks like the government is about to agree a new deal with the European Union on the Northern Ireland Protocol, Rishi Sunak is in Belfast today meeting with the DUP. Will they accept a compromise?
Max Jeffery speaks to Isabel Hardman and Charles Grant, director of the Centre for...

First Brexit, then Bregret. Is it too soon for Breconciliation?

16 February 2023
The Washington Post
Boris Johnson in 2018 imagined that escaping the “stockade” of EU regulation would free up at least 4% of gross domestic product; five years on, John Springford of the Centre for European Reform estimates the UK economy is 5.5% smaller than without Brexit, and collects 40 billion pounds ($48 billion) less in yearly tax revenue.

When EU fiscal rules meet industrial policy

16 February 2023
But how would the UK have fared had it never left the European Union? It’s impossible to say for sure as we cannot let history run twice, but John Springford of the Centre for European Reform is trying to come as close as possible to re-running history by using a ‘doppelgänger’ method.

La compétitivité ne s’obtient pas en déversant des montagnes de cash

16 February 2023
Lors du dernier Conseil européen, les 27 ont peiné à s’entendre sur le plan industriel proposé par Bruxelles. 

BBC World Business Report: New EU sanctions for Russia?

15 February 2023
Zach Meyers, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform BBC World Business report about the effectiveness of sanctions against Russia (from 2.00 mins).

Should Rishi Sunak relax immigration rules as Britain hit by skills shortage?

John Springford, Jonathan Portes
15 February 2023
The Daily Express
The research by the UK in a Changing Europe and the Centre for European Reform think-tanks show that post-Brexit the UK economy is suffering from labour shortages in lower-skilled sectors, including logistics, construction and hospitality, with the lack of free movement “contributing significantly” to this.

Europe scrambles to reclaim its industrial edge

15 February 2023
Cipher News
“The EU industry is notoriously slow to take up new technologies and innovations,” said Zach Meyers, a senior research fellow specializing in competition policy at the Centre for European Reform, a European think-tank.

Brexit a ‘self-inflicted wound of unparalleled severity’

14 February 2023
The London Economic
...Findings come hot on the heels of revelations from the Centre for European Reform (CER) that Brexit has reduced UK tax receipts by £40 billion a year.

Greece border abuses highlight Europe's clashing priorities on migration

14 February 2023
The New York Times
“Among member states, there is currently no other consensus than on border control,” said Camino Mortera-Martínez, the head of the Brussels office of the Centre for European Reform. “The debate on common asylum policy is going nowhere, so countries on external borders are left to their own devices.”

Brexit: EU officials feel ‘vindication’ at signs of Bregret in the UK

13 February 2023
The EU’s unfazed response is to be expected, given how Brexit faded from the EU’s agenda, according to Camino Mortera-Martinez, head of the Brussels office at the Centre for European Reform. “I’m happy this Bregret is finally happening – there is a feeling of vindication,” she says.

L'UE peut-elle se permettre de maintenir les sanctions contre la Hongrie et à la Pologne ? Oui…mais ce n’est pas une raison pour le faire

12 February 2023
L'Union européenne a tenté à plusieurs reprises de faire pression sur la Pologne et la Hongrie pour qu'elles respectent l'État de droit.

Brexit, stop ou encore ?

10 February 2023
Ouest France
Selon une étude du Centre for European Reform, le Brexit aurait réduit, à lui seul, l’économie britannique de 5,5 %, les investissements de 11 %.

Kapløb mod bunden

10 February 2023
Zach Meyers er ekspert i international økonomi ved tænketanken Centre for European Reform i London. Også han er forundret over EUs skarpe reaktion på den amerikanske statsstøttelov. »Jamen der er simpelthen ingen andre måder at indføre grøn omstilling på i USA end at give subsidier. Det er bare den politiske virkelighed. Jeg ved ikke, hvad Europa ellers havde ventet.«

Ask CER - Episode 8: Inflation Reduction Act, Qatargate and Iran

09 February 2023
You asked, we answered: the eighth episode of our 'Ask CER' podcast series.

En visite à Londres, Zelensky réclame des avions de chasse

08 February 2023
Tribune de Genève
«Il veut y faire la démonstration que l’Europe reste unie derrière l’Ukraine, mais aussi s’assurer qu’il peut continuer à compter sur l’aide financière de l’Union européenne (UE). L’économie ukrainienne s’est effondrée d’un tiers en 2022, et l’État ukrainien vit désormais sous perfusion de ses alliés», explique Ian Bond, chercheur au Centre pour la réforme européenne. 

Tories taking one wrong decision after another

06 February 2023
Gulf Today
The Centre for European Reform reported that during the initial 18 months of Brexit trade was lower by 7 per cent, investment by 11 per cent, and Britain’s GDP had shrunk by 5 per cent, costing the economy £40 billion ($48.4 billion).